Motorcycle Handbook 2024

Driver's Manual

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Ohio Motorcycle Manual Online 2024

Ohio’s Department of Public Safety recognizes that education and public awareness are keys to reducing the number of motorcyclists that are injured or killed on public highways.

Because the problem of motorcycle collisions is a complex one, state officials have taken up diverse counter measures, which have proven to effectively reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that have been associated with motorcycle crashes in Ohio.

Motorcycle Ohio

The state of Ohio has implemented the Motorcycle Ohio (MO) program, which is offered by the Department of Public Safety. This program provides safety courses for riders and presents public information campaigns. According to statistics, motorcyclists who have graduated from the MO program are more likely to be helmeted, insured and unimpaired when involved in motorcycle collisions, as compared to untrained riders.

Be seen!

The most common reason for collisions with other vehicles is limited visibility. Drivers of four-wheeled vehicles often report that they did not see the motorcycle involved in the collision. For this reason, it’s important that prospective riders are aware of methods for increasing their visibility on the road. Some ways to do that are described below:

  • Clothing – Wearing brightly colored vests, jackets and helmets can help you be seen. Consider wearing reflective material to help drivers spot you from the side or behind.
  • Headlights – Motorcycles that have their lights on are twice as likely to be noticed as those without lights.
  • Signals – These are essential for communicating with other drivers on the road. Using your signal before each turn will help to reduce the confusion and frustration of the drivers sharing the road with you.
  • Brake Lights – Flash the brake light before you slow down to help other drivers notice you. This is especially useful if you are being tailgated.
  • Horn – Using your horn can help you get another driver’s attention quickly.

Motorcycle Operator Manual

The Ohio Motorcycle Operator Manual is an essential resource for the inexperienced rider. The OH Manual provides all the necessary information for the safe operation of a motorcycle in traffic. It’s also recommended for experienced riders to check it out, as they can learn something new as well.

The Ohio Motorcycle Operator Manual is available for free below in PDF format. Careful study of this manual can help to ensure that you pass the motorcycle test and reinforce the skills required for safe, responsible motorcycle riding. Good luck!